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The Sainsbury’s magazine team’s guilty food pleasures

by Hannah Sherwood

The team share their ultimate food indulgences. What are yours? Tweet us with #guiltyfoodpleasures

Helena, editor-in-chief
'I love "plastic" cheese on a burger, or just on its own!'

Abbie, picture editor
'You can't beat a good hearty mac and cheese.'

Georgie, marketing manager
'A spoon and a jar of Nutella or Biscoff spread. Enough said.'

Lisa, digital content editor
'Toast with LOADS of butter on it. I mean LOADS, like slabs of cheese.'

Michelle, deputy editor
'If I'm feeling lazy after roasting a chicken, instead of scraping up all the lovely meaty juices in the roasting tin and making delicious gravy, I just put a big old slice of bread (white is best) in there to soak up all that yumminess and scoff it quickly before anyone sees me!'

Hannah, digital content producer
'I love fish fingers! Especially with a side of spaghetti hoops and fat freezer chips. They remind me of being a kid.'

Emma, assistant food editor
'Chips and cheese with loads of ketchup. Starch, fat, salt and sugar – all the main food groups!'

Frankie, senior sub-editor
'Licking all the chocolate off chocolate digestives and then throwing the soggy biscuit away.'

Tamsin, acting food editor
'Eating peanut butter straight from the jar – especially by using a piece of dark chocolate as the scoop!'

Carolyn, acting art editor

'A whole baked Camembert and crusty bread, the gooier the better!'

Sarah, digital content and social media editor
'I quite often go to the fridge and just cut myself hunks of mature cheddar as a snack, and then make myself a healthy dinner... great logic.'

Leah, food director
'My guilty food pleasure is those Heinz baked beans with the little sausages. I am deeply ashamed of it, but there's usually a tin or two in my cupboard at all times.'

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