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Information and guidelines for using our recipes

All our recipes are triple-tested in domestic kitchens.

Weights and measures

Unless otherwise stated, tin, pan and dish measurements are of the base and spoon measures are level. We use measuring spoons when we test our recipes; a teaspoon is 5ml; a dessertspoon is 10ml; and a tablespoon is 15ml.


All ingredients are available in at least 250 Sainsbury's stores nationwide, unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to find an ingredient in your store, ask at the customer service desk.

Food safety

When using fresh herbs, vegetables, salads and unpeeled fruit, remember to wash them thoroughly; when handling raw meat, fish or poultry, always wash your hands afterwards. Public health advice is to avoid consumption of raw or lightly cooked eggs, especially for those vulnerable to infection, including pregnant women, babies and the elderly.


Please drink responsibly; you can find more information at


We've provided per-serving nutritional values (if a recipe serves, say, 6-8, this refers to the smaller portion; if an ingredient is listed with an alternative, values are based on the first option; 'serve with' suggestions are not included). You can compare these values against the following GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts for adults) figures.

Calories 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men (GDA).

Fat and saturates Women: no more than 70g fat, of which no more than 20g should be saturates. Men: up to 95g a day (no more than 30g saturates).

Salt No more than 6g of salt per day. The figure given in our recipes is for listed ingredients only.

Vegetarian cheeses

Our vegetarian recipes are indicated with the V symbol, but they may use cheeses that contain animal rennet. Please check the label and use vegetarian cheeses where necessary.

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