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Shopping with a foodie: Tom Kitchin

We browse the aisles with Scottish Michelin-star chef and restaurateur Tom Kitchin.



‘I always have a pot of this on my windowsill. Fresh herbs make such a difference. Chillies, coriander and garlic are the perfect combination for a stir-fry.’

Plastic food bags

‘When I make a casserole, I freeze portions in these bags. If you spread the casserole very flat, you can stack loads on top of each other!’

Dark chocolate 

‘There’s always a bar of this in my fridge. When I’m not working, I like to have a few squares with coffee after dinner.’

Real ale

‘I love the new wave of craft beers, with their striking packaging. Rather than buying a six-pack, I’ll choose myself a few different beers to try.’

Wholewheat pasta

'The British eat too much refined white pasta and bread. This is much better for you, and I really like the nutty taste. It takes a bit longer to cook, though.’



‘Chefs love these, even though they’re a bit tricky to peel! Shallots are much richer than onions, and are good in sauces.’

Beef mince

‘My wife is Swedish, so it’s no surprise our four boys love meatballs! When their grandmother visits, they make mountains of them, rolling their own using mince, onion, nutmeg and allspice.’

Chicken wings

‘My family love crispy chicken wings. I fry them until nearly caramelised, then finish them in a hot oven with garlic and some thyme.’

Worcestershire sauce 

‘A few shakes of this will bring any meaty dish to life. I couldn’t make mince and tatties without it.’

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