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Shopping with a foodie: Paul A Young

by Leah Hyslop

Each month we browse the aisles with a well-known food lover. Paul A Young is an award-winning chocolatier. Born in Yorkshire, he owns three chocolate shops in London and has a cult following for his brownies.


Jersey milk

‘This makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood, when milk came from the milkman, and it always had a thick layer of cream on top.’

Dark chocolate

‘Use a good-quality chocolate when baking – it makes a big difference. I love experimenting with flavoured bars: orange or coffee chocolate is divine in brownies.'


‘I like to have porridge for breakfast. Sometimes, I mix in a little chocolate, or cocoa powder – despite what people think, I never get bored of eating chocolate!’

Mr Kipling French Fancies

‘I don’t often buy ready-made food but, occasionally, I treat myself to a French fancy. The yellow ones are the best.’


Fat-free Greek yogurt

‘I must get through two tubs of this every week. I always buy plain and then add my own flavourings, such as raspberries and honey.’

Tick Tock tea

‘I stopped drinking caffeine about 16 years ago when it started to make me feel ill. I really like the flavour of rooibos tea – you can even get an Earl Grey one, which tastes just like the real thing.’

Sockeye salmon

‘I’m quite fussy about salmon. Sockeye is my favourite; it has a really deep, meaty texture. I bake it in the oven with a lemon and herb breadcrumb topping.’

Anya potatoes

‘Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket that sells these – they’re waxy with an incredibly nutty flavour. I eat them either boiled or steamed, with half a packet of butter melted on top.'

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