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Shopping with a foodie: Nadiya Hussain

by Leah Hyslop
Shopping with a foodie: Nadiya Hussain
Image: Getty Images

We sneak a peek into the basket of Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain...

Soya milk

‘About a year ago, my family and I had a big discussion and decided to consume less meat and dairy products. We tried almond, rice and oat milk, but this is what we like best.’

Tinned cod roe 

‘A bit unusual, but it’s my kids’ favourite – they like it in their sandwiches, cooked with lots of onions. I think they enjoy going to school with unusual food! It costs about a pound; it's always on offer because nobody else buys it.’


‘Proper seasoning brings a dish alive. You need to layer it – don’t just whack it in at the end. It’s about tasting as you go along to make sure you’ve got it right.’

Marmite crisps

'I eat these on a Friday night, on the sofa, when the kids are in bed. And I never have just one packet! I hide them from the rest of the family.’



‘When I’ve had a really long day recipe-testing, I’ll do eggs for supper, like egg curry. We’ve got a good system: when the eggs are getting old, and we've got new ones, we draw smiley faces on the old ones so we know to use them first.’


‘Anyone with a family will know how much pasta you get through. It’s so cheap for a big bag but the kids quickly get bored of the shapes. ‘Oh, Mum, not shells again!’


‘I love baking bread but I’ve got to churn out sandwiches for lunch every day. Occasionally, it's nice to let someone else do the work.’


‘One of my favourite recipes in my new book is cucumber fish broth. Once you’ve cooked out all that water, cucumber has a really lovely flavour.’

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