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How to get fit at home

How to get fit at home
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Feel more like hibernating than going for a run? Try one of the latest home workouts, which deliver great results in the comfort of your sitting room.

Get fit in seven minutes

The 7-Minute Workout Challenge app was developed by US researchers, and the high-intensity sessions are said to be as effective as an hour’s worth of many other workouts. £3.99, iTunes or Android app store.

Stretch and tone

Looking to work on your muscles and your balance? Ange’s Pilates videos are free, and easy to follow (youtube. com). Or try

Try exercise ‘snacking’

Many experts now recommend regular three-to-10-minute bursts of activity. Dancing to the radio, lifting heavy shopping bags and running up stairs all count as exercise ‘snacks’.

Tune in to a home fitness class

Fiit TV offers cardio, strength and yoga sessions. Connect via your TV and exercise along with personal trainers in their studio. Wear a Fiit device to see calories burnt as you move. £10 monthly plan,

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