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Instayum: Felicity Spector

by Hannah Sherwood
Feicity Spector

Each month we ask a well-known foodie to share pics of what they’ve been eating and cooking from their Instagram account. Meet Felicity Spector...


‘I visited a tiny Armenian bakery in Beirut which made this tray of tiny lamb-filled dumplings called manti. This is one of the most popular pictures I’ve posted, with over 2,500 likes!’


‘Lunchtime bliss is this massive smoked trout and cream cheese bagel at Jacob the Angel in Covent Garden – that’s lunch done right!’


‘I made this roasted aubergine with a creamy lentil ragout from Nigel Slater’s The Christmas Chronicles – not just good for the festive season! A wonderful working-from-home lunch.’


‘Cheese tarts in Shanghai – like cheesecake, but in a tart... what’s not to love? I tried them when I was in China for a holiday, staying with my @symmetrybreakfast friends, who moved to Shanghai a year ago.’


‘I made a roasted new potato, radish and lentil dish from Anna Jones’s book A Modern Cook’s Year. This kind of recipe – vegetarian, seasonal, chuck-it-in-the-oven-on-one-tray – is what I love to cook at home... when I’m actually there.’


‘The Good Egg in London’s Soho is one of my favourite brunch spots, and they do these amazing hamantaschen pastries for the Jewish holiday of Purim. I love the ones flavoured with traditional poppy seed, and rhubarb and rose.’

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