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Father’s Day: recipe chooser

by Deborah James

Wondering what to cook for dad this Sunday? Wonder no longer, just match your old man to one of our famous fathers and you've got your answer.

David Beckham

Father of four

Your dad might not be married to a Spice Girl, or feature in the FIFA list of World's greatest footballers - but if he meets any of the below points you should make him one of our health-inspired dindins.

Does your dad match any of the following?

• Has Lycra clothing in his wardrobe
• Uses the words 'protein' and 'complex carbohydrates' when talking about what he'd like for dinner
• Would rather play football than watch it in the pub

David Beckham recipe matches

Parma ham chicken with lentils

Ratatouille chicken

Crispy salt and pepper salmon


Dishy dads are healthy dads

Greg Wallace

Father to two teens

We all know how much Greg loves puddings - his poor face visibly crumbles if a MasterChef contestant chooses to serve up a savoury dish over sweet. Does your dad also love a buttery biscuit base?

Does your dad match any of the following?

• ALWAYS chooses a dessert over starter
• Cannot be trusted around anyone else's chocolate/cake/packet of biscuits
• Is easy to buy presents for – simple, just give the man some choccy

Greg Wallace recipe matches (Puddings, puddings, puddings)

Snickers cheesecake

Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate Jaffa cake


Sugar daddy

Homer Simpson

Responsible for Bart, Lisa & Maggie

Beer + burgers = happy Homer. Does your lovely dad share the same food love as the world's most famous yellow cartoon character?

Does your dad match any of the following?

• Only takes control of the cooking IF it involves standing at a BBQ
• Has a midriff that's beginning to show signs of a passion for meat and alcohol
• Is easily bribed by the promise of an easy life (and a steak dinner)

Homer Simpson recipe matches

Ribeye steaks with chimichurri sauce

Beef and porcini stew with rosemary, tomato and Chianti

Beef sliders with cheddar



Heston Blumenthal

Father to three (and 3 Michelin stars)

Inventor of triple-cooked chips, soft-centered Scotch eggs and snail porridge, Heston is a molecular magician. If your dad is a cooking genius, the pressure is on to provide a meal worthy of his taste buds.

Does your dad match any of the following?

• Owns any of the following kitchen appliances: sous vide/blow torch/ban marie
• Makes everything from scratch
• Never took you to McDonalds (despite your pleadings)

Heston Blumenthal recipe matches

Chocolate swirl pavlova with mango and physalis

Popcorn crusted chicken with bacon crumbs

Qualis eggs with homemade celery salt


Would you like a cup of tea with that?

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