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5 tips for perfect pancakes

by Tamsin Burnett-Hall
5 tips for perfect pancakes
Image: Maja Smend

Pancake Day is here - which means it's time to think about making your batter. Here are some tips from the team to make sure you have a flipping good day...

1. Keep it plain 

Don’t be tempted to use self-raising flour; the eggs provide the rise in batter, not a raising agent.

2. Rest up

Always rest batter for at least 30 minutes before cooking so that the starch can swell and lighten the batter, averting the risk of stodginess.

3. Know your fat facts

Butter gives the best flavour to pancakes, but can burn in the pan – our basic pancake recipe whisks melted butter into the batter to avoid this. Lard or dripping are traditional for batter puddings; use sunflower or vegetable oil if you prefer.

4. Get it hot, hot, hot

A pancake pan should be hot enough that droplets of water will skip across the surface. For batter puds, heat the tin and fat in the oven for 5-10 minutes first.

5. Pour with ease

Using a jug is much easier than a ladle

Ready to cook? Try our favourite pancake recipes:

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