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Angellica Bell: shopping with a foodie

by Leah Hyslop

We browse the aisles with TV presenter and 2017 Celebrity MasterChef winner Angellica Bell...



'These really remind me of my gran and grandad, who came from the Caribbean.'

Black pitted olives

'My children are fans of these – you have to start them young! They’ll happily eat olives as a snack with some cheese, and we put them on homemade pizzas.'

Alpro soya vanilla 

'I’m not dairy intolerant but I really like the taste of this alternative to yogurt. It's good with fruit, or on the side of a sponge cake.'


'A few drops of this spices up anything. I remember my grandad putting this on my thumb when I was little, to stop me sucking it!'

Crushed pineapple

'I always have a tin of this in the cupboard – it’s my secret ingredient for an extra-juicy carrot cake.'


Brussels sprouts

'My husband, Michael, loves Brussels sprouts – he’ll eat them all year round, not just at Christmas! We have a rule that the children have to eat as many sprouts as their age.'

Campbell's cream of mushroom soup

'I use this as a cheat’s creamy sauce when I’m making my tuna pasta bake. It tastes so good.'

Rooster potatoes

'My family adores chips! We recently bought an air-fryer so we can make healthier ones, and these potatoes crisp up well.'


'I lived in the baking aisle while I was writing my cookbook! I love to get the sprinkles out and bake with the children, but it's also therapeutic to do it on my own.'

Fantastic Eats! & How To Cook Them – Fabulous Recipes For Children To Make by Angellica Bell is published by Quadrille, £15

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