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Make a stand: 8 easy ways to move more

by Sharon Parsons
Make a stand: 8 easy ways to move more
Image: Getty Images

Hate the gym? Loathe running? There's an easy way to boost your long-term health and wellbeing - simply stand up. Try our 8 simple ways to move more every day...

1. Set the alarm - or ask Alexa to remind you - to pause every 30 minutes, get to your feet and move.

2. Stand up when you’re talking on the phone, and consciously roll your shoulders, sway your hips, stretch your limbs, do calf raises or squats. Or talk on your mobile phone while you take a walk.

3. Drink water throughout the day - it forces you to get up to go to the loo!

4. Every time you're doing a basic task - waiting for the kettle to boil, washing up, peeling vegetables, cleaning your teeth - incorporate a few simple stretches or movement exercises. 

5. Change the way you read or receive information: alternate reading books (and sitting down) with audio versions so you can walk and listen; tune in to podcasts or the radio in the same way. 

6. During TV ads and breaks; stand up from the armchair and stretch. Or get onto the floor and do a few simple exercises while you’re watching TV.

7. If you use public transport, don't automatically take a seat if standing is an option – and get off before your regular stop for a short walk.

8. Breaks on long journeys aren't just for for children. It’s sensible to factor in reasonable breaks so you can get out of the car, stand up and stretch. And park a distance from your destination so you’re forced to have a walk when you get out.

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