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How to get your energy back

by Georgia Green
How to get your energy back
Image: Getty Images

Feeling tired all the time? Follow these science-backed tips to restore your vitality...

Enjoy yourself more!

Best-selling author and executive coach Peter Bregman suggests identifying what you spend the most energy on, compared with what you would like to spend it on. ‘Let go of niggling worries, leave pointless conversations and stop replying to every single email to free yourself up to spend more energy on things that bring you joy,’ he recommends.

Get enough magnesium

The mineral magnesium helps turn the food we eat into energy and we need between 270mg (women) and 300mg (men) a day, says the NHS. So make sure you’re eating at least four portions of magnesium-rich foods daily, such as leafy green veg, pumpkin seeds, nuts, bananas and avocados.

Optimise your zzzs...

If you’re getting plenty of sleep yet still feel shattered, it could be because you are waking up half-way through your natural sleep cycle. Try a sleep cycle app, such as Sleepytime Sleep Scheduler, which works out your sleep cycle and sets an alarm to wake you in your lightest snooze.

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