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5 ways to wake up without caffeine

by Helen Foster
5 ways to wake up without caffeine
Image: Getty Images

With new research suggesting that you wait until after breakfast for your morning cup of coffee, here are five other techniques to up your energy first thing...

1. Throw open your curtains: light switches off the sleep hormone melatonin that leaves us feeling groggy.

2. Play an energising song: people who start their day with a favourite song woke up faster than those who didn’t, according to Japanese research.

3. Jump rope: scientists have found that skipping for two to three minutes is one of the fastest ways to raise energy in the morning.

4. Use a sleep tracker: you’ll feel more groggy in the morning if your alarm wakes you in the middle of a deep sleep cycle. Trackers like Sleep Cycle aim to wake you up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle.

5. Wash your face: it sounds simple, but researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan proved it gives a quick jolt in energy.

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