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10 burning foodie questions with... Joe Wicks

10 burning foodie questions with... Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks. Image credit: Hamish Brown

We put Joe Wicks, the nation’s PE teacher, through his paces with all the big food questions of the day

1. Takeaway or fakeaway?
Fakeaway. I like Thai food, so I’d make a nice Thai green curry.
2. What’s your signature dish?
Joe's chicken and mushroom pie. It’s a filo pastry pie from my first book.
3. What’s your favourite cookbook?

Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients. I love the simplicity, and the recipes are really good. With that book, if you've got the most basic ingredients, you can knock something up.

4. Starter or dessert?

Dessert, always. I’d order sticky toffee pudding, chocolate fondant or a nice sorbet.

5. What’s your last supper dish?

A really good gourmet burger, truffle Parmesan fries and a bottle of Coke.

6. My favourite ingredient to cook with is...

Coconut milk because it's so versatile. I use it in shakes and curries, and I make coconut peanut butter stir fries. It’s a good staple ingredient to have in the cupboard.

7. Any kitchen disasters to share?

I burn everything! I’m always burning the bottom of the pan. I think that porridge is on a low heat, then I look around and it’s burned. If I take my eye off it for a minute, it’ll burn and then I have to start again.

8. What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Anything chocolatey is going to get eaten straight away. If I have chocolate ice cream, I have to do the whole tub. I can't eat a tiny bit.

9. Which food trend would you like to see the back of?

Low-calorie dieting. It’s not a nice way to live. You should be thinking about enjoying your food and not obsessing over really low calories. Energy comes from food.

10. Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay?

Nay! I love pineapple, but I'm not a fan of fruit on pizza. No, not for me!

Joe’s new book The Burpee Bears (HarperCollins Children’s Books, £12.99) is available now.

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