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The smallest coffee shop in the world?

by Sarah Randell

I just had to share this image of what must be the teeniest tiniest place to pick up an espresso in the morning. Tucked away in the corner of St Thomas Street and Bermondsey Street (next to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust) I stumbled across it while doing a recce of nearby foodie heaven Maltby Street market. It serves tip-top coffee through the window, made from Square Mile Coffee Roasters beans. Open weekday mornings 8-11.30am.

Long gone are the days of a cup of black or white. From a punchy espresso to a milky latte, coffee has a gourmet menu of its own. Need a helping hand to help you choose your morning pick-me-up? Here's our quick guide:

• Espresso: A caffeine hit with attitude. Thick, concentrated coffee that forms the base of many other types

• Americano: The closest to what most of us would recognise as a regular cup of coffee – a shot of espresso diluted with hot water, of similar strength to filter coffee

• Flat white: Medium strength milky coffee made by topping a shot or two of espresso with a layer of thick frothy hot milk, often with a pretty pattern on top

• Latte: The milkiest coffee you can order, espresso mixed with hot milk to make a long drink. A mid-morning soothe

• Cappuccino: Named for its resemblance to the habit of a Capuchin friar, made from equal parts espresso, hot milk and milk foam. Try not to spoon the foam with your teaspoon before drinking – it's not the done thing, we're told in coffee circles

• Piccolo espresso: Mixed with hot milk like a latte. but a short drink

• Macchiato: Depending on where you are, this either comes as hot milk with a shot of espresso poured on top, or a shot of espresso with a dash of hot milk – macchiato meaning 'marked' in Italian

• Ristretto: Espresso's more intense relative – an extra-thick potent shot of coffee made stronger than espresso either by grinding the beans finer or by using less water to brew

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