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Shopping with a foodie: Rachel Allen

by Susan Gray

We peek into the shopping basket of Irish celebrity chef and TV presenter Rachel Allen...


Taste the Difference Riesling 2017

'Made by the Huber family, this Austrian Riesling is bone dry and the perfect accompaniment to light summer meals. Riesling’s minerality works particularly well with punchy dishes, such as grilled mackerel.'

Pot of basil

'Basil is the sunshine herb! It’s best to reserve most of your basil for the finished dish, as it loses some flavour when cooked. A summer herb mix of parsley, mint and basil mixed with butter is beautiful melted over fish and vegetables.'

Billington's golden granulated sugar 

'I use this lovely sugar to make shortbread biscuits or fingers; they cook in less than 10 minutes and are the perfect finishing touch to so many summer desserts, especially creamy fools, ice cream and panna cotta.'

Equal Exchange Palestinian extra-virgin olive oil

'Palestinian olive oil is less well known than Italian, Greek or Spanish, but this extra-virgin oil has a super peppery flavour. Drizzle on toasted sourdough, topped with slices of Prosciutto di Parma, for an instant canapé.'


Crab meat 

'Vietnamese-style crab salad is so quick and easy: make a dressing of fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, chilli, garlic and ginger, and pour over crab, rice noodles, peanuts, radishes and cucumber chunks.'

Organic unwaxed lemons 

'It’s worth paying extra for organic, unwaxed lemons: they will have more juice, scent and flavour. I like to make lemon posset with double cream, caster sugar, lemon juice and mint or sweet geranium leaves.'

Heritage jewel tomatoes 

'I love these intensely rich heritage varieties. My favourite childhood dish was halved tomatoes, baked until soft, in cream infused with rosemary or thyme and garlic, and eaten scooped up on toast. Delicious.'

Carnaroli risotto rice

'Carnaroli rice’s long, plump grains absorb more liquid and flavour than arborio rice while still staying al dente, so you get a contrast of creamy and firm textures. I like to make a green risotto with puréed peas and spinach.'

Rachel is an ambassador for Land Rover Ireland

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