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Shopping with a foodie: Oz Clarke

by Susan Gray
Shopping with a foodie: Oz Clarke
Image: Alamy

Drinks expert and television presenter Oz Clarke reveals what he puts in his basket...

Melton Mowbray pork pie

‘Go for the largest you can find, made in the traditional way with a warm- water pastry crust. I love the ritual of slicing up a large pie and handing the plates around friends.‘

Taste the Difference Blackfriars Gin

‘Great value – you can pay a lot more for artisan gin of this quality. I also like the version with pomegranate and rose petals.‘

Kettle Vegetable chips

‘Vegetable chips are so moreish, and they feel heathier than ordinary crisps, even if they aren’t! Dip in lots of salsa, of course.‘

Taste the Difference Riesling 

‘The Huber family has been making Riesling for 10 generations. This citrussy white is perfect with rich dishes. At 12.5% alcohol it’s also lighter than many New World wines.‘


Charlotte potatoes 

‘One of my earliest memories is of shaking the earth off freshly picked spuds with my mother. Nowadays, to feed a crowd, I boil these waxy potatoes with mint leaves in the cooking water, and serve them smothered in country butter.‘

Extra-mature Cheddar 

‘We're blessed with fantastic traditional cheesemakers in Britain. I scan the chiller for cheddar with a 6-strength rating – you can't beat the tang of a really mature cheese.‘

Cumberland sausages

‘Whenever I’m at a reception with fancy food, the thing I long to see is a tray of sausages. I cook these in the oven with honey and mustard.‘

Pickled herring and dill

‘I can eat a tub of these on my own. The dill marinade has a beautiful sweet taste. They're also my go-to food for book writing – the protein sustains me for long sessions of concentration.‘

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