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Shopping with a foodie: Madeleine Shaw

by Anna Glover

We browse the aisles with cookbook author, nutritionist and yoga instructor Madeleine Shaw. She is also an ambassador for Good Hemp products.


Frozen berries

‘Great to have on hand to add to smoothies, and cheaper than fresh – especially when berries aren’t in season.’

Lamb mince

‘I make Thai lettuce cups by frying lamb mince with plenty of ginger, soy sauce, green chilli and button mushrooms, then piling it into Little Gem lettuce leaves.’

Smoked paprika 

‘When you’re trying to cut back on sugar and fat, herbs and spices are a great way to pack flavour into food. Smoked paprika is brilliant in stews.’


‘You can’t have enough dark leafy greens in your diet, and kale is so cheap. I add it to stews, or wilt it down and use it in omelettes.’

Tinned chickpeas

‘A staple in my house – I blend them with tahini to make houmous, or rustle up a chickpea and aubergine stew.’


Ruby grapefruit 

‘I eat grapefruit every morning – it’s a bit of a family tradition because my mum always did, too. They’re so zesty and juicy, they really wake you up. They’re also great for digestion.’

Hemp milk

‘I’m not a dairy eater but I love hemp milk. It’s great in a turmeric latte with a little cinnamon and honey – so warming on chilly mornings.’


‘I eat a lot of this because it’s so quick and easy. I cook it in double the volume of water and it comes out gorgeously fluffy every time.’


‘We always have a big bag of cashews in the cupboard – they’re great in stir-fries and granola, or just as a snack.’


‘Raw beetroot is great juiced – especially with oranges. I also roast it in wedges and serve it with soy yogurt and chopped chives.’

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