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Shopping with a foodie: Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison, Tart London

by Tom Shepherd

We hit the aisles with Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison, founders of London restaurant and deli Wild By Tart and catering company Tart London


So Organic set honey

We love a set honey like this with our granola in the morning. It’s delicious and not overpowering. We also both love a little bit of honey in our tea and coffee.

Mixed speciality mushrooms

There’s this wonderful broth with noodles that we cook. It uses all of the mushrooms that you get in this little box – along with coriander, lemongrass and lime. It’s very restorative.


You don’t really need much else when you have ponzu. It’s great splashed lightly over ceviche or a salad, or even as a last-minute dash on top of a noodle soup. It’s zingy but it’s also light and salty. It’s kind of everything you want in a dressing.

La Chinata smoked paprika

This really ignites a dish and brings it to life. It’s also delicious when lightly sprinkled across a dip; try houmous with a little bit of smoked paprika over the top.

Crazy Jack Green lentils 

If you want a carbohydrate that isn’t so heavy with a dish, have lentils. They’re lighter but comforting and still very filling.

Cavolo nero

We love green veg of all shapes and sizes. The great thing about cavolo nero is that unlike some leafy veg, like spinach, it holds its shape after cooking. It’s also a great source of fibre and full of goodies.

British rhubarb

Our favourite breakfast is lightly poached rhubarb (so it still has a bit of a crunch) on top of granola or yogurt. It also goes well with ginger; we often make a tart where you have the beautiful lines of rhubarb flavoured with some ginger, sugar and a little bit of cinnamon.

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