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Shopping with a foodie: Allegra McEvedy

by Susan Gray

We browse the aisles with chef Allegra McEvedy, who studied at the Cordon Bleu in London, before working at the Belvedere, The Groucho Club, and The River Cafe. She is now co-owner of Albertine wine bar, founded by her mother in 1978.



‘Poussins are so succulent. Just butterfly, marinate and whack on the barbie.’

Rosé wine

‘From May to October, this is my drink of choice. Colour is the key: I always opt for the palest pink. Rosés from Provence taste like strawberries and cream!’

White asparagus

‘Green asparagus is England’s finest green vegetable, but I also love the white variety, available in jars. I copy the Spanish and dunk the spears in mayonnaise, then wrap them in ham.’


‘No single flavour embodies sunny days as much as mint. From Pimm’s to salads, it’s indispensable. Add a few strawberries and mint to the water jug for a subtle twist.’


Soft cheese

‘Philadelphia is the mainstay of my fridge. I use it in sandwiches, pasta sauces and in my seven-year-old daughter Delilah’s favourite dip.’

Smoked paprika

‘Smoked paprika comes in dulce or picante varieties, and I prefer the sweeter dulce. It’s an asset to any meal, in a marinade or as a dry spice rub, and adds a delicious smoky depth to any meat.’


‘Strawberries are inseparable from enjoying Wimbledon. I can never resist picking up a punnet.’

Rice noodles

‘These are so versatile – the vermicelli variety is delicious in rice wrappers for summer rolls. I add the spicy Korean paste gochujang, fish sauce, lime, sugar and sesame oil, plus peppers, sugar snaps, and mint and basil or tarragon.’

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