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Jam jar cocktails

by Sarah Randell

I always manage to run out of glasses when I'm entertaining a crowd, so the latest trend – serving fruity cocktails in recycled jam jars – may be my saving grace. All very environmentally pleasing, too.


What's more, there's a bar dedicated to my new discovery called The Jam Tree, a mere hop and a skip from home in Clapham. Here, I sipped a Marmalady – a blend of Campari, vodka, citrus juice and passionfuit – served with a little marmalade vodka jelly shot on the side.


Others I'll be sampling on my next visit include the Jam Mojito, the Jammy Dodger and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Time. Better make that two visits. All you need to do to join in the fun is start eating many, many conserves and collecting the jars. Chin chin!

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