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How to fry an egg

by Anna Glover
How to fry an egg
Image: Dan Jones

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to frying eggs - with cracking results every time.

1. Heat 2-4 tbsp oil in a nonstick frying pan (depending on how big your frying pan is and how many you’re frying) on a medium-high heat.

2. Crack the eggs into the frying pan and, using a spoon, coat the white of the egg with the oil. Don’t spoon oil over the yolk or it will start to discolour. Tilt the pan slightly to pool the oil in the corner.

3. Once the white is completely set and the edges crisped to your liking, lift the egg from the pan with a slotted spatula. Drain for 5 seconds, then transfer to a plate.


  • Use a neutral oil to cook them in or the flavour will be overpowered. Sunflower or vegetable oil works well.
  • Warm your plates, and if you’re making eggs for a crowd, take them to the table as they’re done. A fried egg waits for no one!


  • Use an old frying pan. There are few things more disheartening than a fried egg that’s stuck to the pan, and the yolk breaking when you move it.
  • Overcrowd the pan. Make sure there’s a gap between each egg, or you won’t get the classic shape.

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