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How to eat a persimmon?

by Sarah Alcock

You may have seen them around the supermarkets... these little fellas are called Spanish Persimmon. You can eat them like you'd eat an apple and their taste is pretty indescribable; something like a delicately sweet, caramelly apricot... have a taste and see if you can describe it.

Next time you're out shopping, pick up a packet of persimmon (how'd you like that for a tongue twister?) and try adding them to some of these family favourites. Nobody will guess the mystery ingredient.

1. Spiced soup

Try adding two chopped persimmon to your squash soup. Before blending up the cooked soup, throw in a couple of teaspoons of curry powder. Hello healthy January!


2. Flapjacks

Who needs raisins? Mix a diced persimmon and some halved raspberries to your favourite flapjack recipe for a fruity finish... #5aday.


3. Milkshake

Slice a couple of persimmon into cubes and blend with milk, some natural yogurt and a bit of sugar. Couldn't be easier!


4. Porridge

Bored of your standard porridge in a packet? For something wintry and fruity, try adding 1 diced persimmon, 1 diced apple, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 dessertspoon of dark brown soft sugar to your porridge mix and cook through. Drizzle with honey if you're feeling fancy.


5. Serve with pork

Pork always tastes delicious with a fruity, sweet sauce (apple sauce, honey and mustard, cranberry...). Try frying a couple of persimmon, thinly sliced, with 1 red onion, 1 tsp ground ginger, ½ tsp mixed spice and 100ml chicken stock.


6. Easy fool

For the easiest dessert ever...fry 2 persimmon with 4 tbsp water, the zest from 1 orange and 2 tbsp caster sugar for 5 minutes. Combine 2 tbsp icing sugar and zest from 1 orange with 200ml whipped double cream. Then just layer up some crushed ginger biscuits, followed by the persimmon, then the cream. Done.


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