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Five ways we didn’t know we could use coconut oil

by Sarah Alcock

If you haven't heard of coconut oil yet, where have you been? Certainly not on Instagram, following the likes of Deliciously Ella and Joe Wicks aka 'the body coach' who are raving about it. We wanted to know why these foodie health gurus are singing the praises of this 'miracle' product. It turns out you can use it in just about everything...



: Due to its high smoke point, coconut oil is great for frying. Our assistant food editor Emma loves deep-frying shallots in coconut oil to use on top of a salad or curry. Strain the shallots and keep the flavoured oil for stir-fries (it adds a whole new depth of flavour) and for cooking basmati rice. Acting food editor Tamsin uses it to cook popcorn as it prevents the popcorn scorching the pan and it gives it a lovely flavour.

2. ROASTING: The Hemsley sisters love using coconut oil for roasting bitter vegetables like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower as they say it softens the taste.

3. BUTTER SUBSTITUTE: Solid coconut oil can be substituted for butter when baking. It's a great binder of ingredients and adds a hint of sweetness. You can substitute it like for like in most baking recipes that call for butter.

4. RAW SWEETS: Coconut oil is great for making raw chocolate truffles, energy balls and paradise bars. It is less greasy than butter and lets the natural flavours of what you're mixing with shine through. These Hemsley and Hemsley no-bake Piña Colada fingers use coconut oil, creamed coconut and dessicated coconut – and they are delicious!


(No-bake Pina Colada fingers)

5. BEAUTY SAVIOUR: You can also use coconut oil for just about everything when it comes to beauty... as a moisturiser, as a hair mask to make your hair super glossy and as make-up remover. If it makes us look like Ella Woodward, we're sold!

Have you bought a jar yet? What do you use it for?

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