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Eight trends spotted at The Cake & Bake Show, London

by Helena Lang

Editor-in-chief Helena Lang followed the fuchsia pink carpet into the ExCeL exhibition hall and got high on the sugar at this temple of all things sweet.

1. Blowsy meringues – no more crisp white shells. Meringues are now billowing pillows in multicoloured hues or more delicate, brightly coloured kisses.


2. Make it personal – we all love a layered sponge cake, but nowadays we don't want a slice of someone else's, we want one all to ourselves. Hail the 'tweener' a (rather substantial) mini sponge.


3. Defying gravity – cake stands are dead... long live the cake frame! These enable bakers to hang their creations upside down or build 3D wonder bakes.


4. Racy lacy

– lace icing is a thing, and the pros use a template to achieve perfection.


5. Make mine a gin – the cocktail trend isn't going away and now we have Negroni cupcakes and gin cocktail ones, too!

6. Posh marshmallows

– no more lurid pink and brilliant white versions, the smart people are making delicately flavoured and beautifully squidgy squares.


7. Forest friends

– for Christmas bakes the woodland theme is IN. Reindeer, rabbits and cute little birdies. Watch this space!


8. Edible diamonds

– who knew?


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