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Know your cooking oils

Confused about all the different oils? Whatever you’re making tonight, here’s which oil you should be using – and they’re all available in store...

Extra-virgin olive oil


Best for... Dressings, dipping

Avoid if you’re... Cooking at a high temperature – it has a low smoke point

Food team pick: Odysea Organic Greek Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, £6.25

Sunflower oil 


Best for... Dairy-free baking

Avoid... Deep-frying with it

Food team pick: Sainsbury’s sunflower oil, £1.20

Rapeseed oil 


Best for... Mayonnaise, crunchy roast potatoes

Avoid if you’re... Looking for a neutral-tasting oil – it has a distinctive nutty flavour

Food team pick: Hillfarm Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, £4.50

Sesame oil


Best for... Stir-fries, Asian-style dressings

Avoid if you’re... Cooking delicately flavoured foods

Food team pick: Sainsbury’s toasted sesame oil, £1.80

Coconut oil


Best for... Dairy-free baking

Avoid if you’re... Watching your saturated-fat intake

Food team pick: Lucy Bee Fair Trade Extra-Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil, £7

Avocado oil 


Best for... High-heat cookery such as grilling, salad dressings

Avoid if you’re... Not a fan of avocados!

Food team pick: Olivado Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil, £4.50

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