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8 fun foodie facts about King Charles III

8 fun foodie facts about King Charles III
Image: Getty Images


The King and Queen Consort keep Burford Brown and Maran chickens in the garden at Highgrove.


The King knows the secret to a perfect roast potato: 'Using the fat that comes off the meat is essential', he told chef Mark Richmond.


The King's car was converted to run on E85 bioethanol, made from cheese and wine by-products, in 2008. 


The King's favourite tea is Darjeeling with honey and milk. Try our recipe for darjeeling gin fizz.


The King is known to be opposed to foie gras and has now banned the delicacy from all royal residences.


On a school visit, Charles revealed his two favourite vegetables, saying: 'I rather like Brussels sprouts,' adding: 'and leeks are a very good Welsh vegetable'.


The King launched his own whisky, Barrogill, in 2007 through the North Highlands initiative. 


According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the King 'loves wild mushhrooms and would take his chefs to Balmoral to show them where the best mushrooms are'.

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