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3 of the best sarnies for National Sandwich Week

by Sarah Alcock

There's nothing quite like a great British sandwich, but sometimes we get a bit stuck in our ways with our choice of filling. As it's National Sandwich Week, here are some inspiring new sarnie ideas that'll guarantee you really look forward to lunch time!

What's your favourite sandwich filling? Add your own tasty ideas in the comments box below.

Toast, cool, then butter slices of bread. Pile in the filling of your choice and, if you're heading out, wrap the sandwiches in greaseproof paper.

1. Turkey, brie and pear
Slices of turkey breast and brie, sliced ripe pear, rocket and chilli jelly on sourdough bread.

2. Ham, egg and mustard
Thick-cut ham and hard-boiled egg, red onion, lamb's lettuce and mustard mayonnaise on pain de campagne.

3. Goats' cheese, beetroot and mint
Mint jelly and shredded mint mixed with crème fraiche, slices of goats' cheese, ready-cooked beetroot and mint leaves on walnut bread.

Our simple chilli and tomato relish will spice up any sandwich.

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