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We want to know YOUR kitchen secrets...

by Sarah Alcock

Share your kitchen secrets with us and we'll print the most inspiring responses on the Letters page of Sainsbury's magazine.

In our November issue, we've got three succulent chicken recipes, including this delicious All-in-one roast chicken with aïoli. As well as making our mouths water, it got our tongues wagging about the different ways we like to cook roast chicken at home:

'I keep it fairly simple, with olive oil, salt and lots of ground black pepper – but I add flavour by cooking it with rosemary and garlic roast potatoes.' Kate Whitfield, chief sub-editor

'Before it goes in the oven I like to spread the breasts with soft butter, then roast it with unpeeled cloves of smoked garlic in the cavity.' Sarah Randell, food director

'I like it barbecued. Sit the chicken on a half-empty can of beer with the can in the cavity, place on a barbecue grill and cover with the lid – it steams the meat.' Emma Franklin, cookery assistant

What's your secret for great roast chicken? Share it with us in the comments box below.

If all this talk of chicken has whetted your appetite, why not try our Chicken with orange, thyme and black olives for dinner tonight? Click here for the recipe!

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