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The hot dog takes centre stage

by Sarah Alcock

2013 has been all about the burger so far with more burger joints popping up than you can shake a stick at, but now it's the turn of the 'dog' to create a stir on the foodie scene.

Bubbledogs, Herman Ze German and Hank's Chicago Style Hot Dogs serve up generous portions of the classic American fast food using good-quality ingredients. And it's not just meat you can have in a dog; Mark Hix introduced his Fish Dog van last year at Jamie Oliver's The Big Feastival, which is now on the road serving up an even more delicious version of a fish-finger sandwich with mint mushy peas and tartare sauce.

Last week we went to Kensington Place, where they've taken the trend one step further with their 'Fishbone' menu – introducing the scallop dog. Intrigued? We were...


Scallop dog...

The scallop dog is a far cry from Mark Hix's breadcrumbed fish dog; the scallop dog is actually like a frankfurter but made using scallops. You can see why they don't tell you too much about it because the description is slightly off-putting.

We couldn't quite decide whether it was pure genius or not – you lose the nice bits about a scallop: its texture and the pretty coral colour – but our plates were soon empty. Fresh tomato, herbs, onion and shrimp were mixed together as a salsa-like topping, which gave it a nice dose of fresh flavours and acidity.

Wingin' it

But the real talking point of the all-American 'fishbone' menu was the fried wings. After you bite into the crispy outside of the wings you come across delicious, fresh, flaky fish, and then... a bone, not those pesky little fish bones, but an actual solid bone. After a cocktail or two you do begin to question your own logic. 'Skate have fish bones, right?' After a few probing questions we discovered that the fish is actually glued to real chicken bones to give it that proper American wings experience.


You might think the 'fishbone' menu is a bit weird. It is. But if you enjoy a bit of food theatre and a real talking point over dinner, then you will definitely enjoy this. Heston would be impressed.

The Fishbone menu is £25 a head, which includes scallop dog, fried wings, triple-cooked chips and fennel slaw, plus dessert. To make a booking, call 020 7727 3180.

Have you tried the gourmet hot dogs or fish dogs? Let us know your favourites.

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