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Shopping with a foodie: Melissa Hemsley

Shopping with a foodie: Melissa Hemsley
Image: Isy Croker

Food writer Melissa Hemsley shares her storecupboard staples...


‘I love all the winter veg, such as squash, but it can be hard to get your fix of greens. Spinach is great to have on hand – you can mix it into anything, from a smoothie to a ragu, and it freezes well, too.’


‘My top tip is not to throw away cauliflower leaves, because they are delicious. You can roast them, or chop them finely and add to a stir-fry for a burst of crunchy sweetness.’

Fairtrade roses

‘You never really think about where your flowers come from, do you? Fairtrade ones are great – not only are you supporting farmers, but you can buy a bunch for yourself and not feel guilty!’

Sainsbury's fairtrade shiraz 

‘I like a nice juicy red in the winter, though I did get into white in last year's heatwave. And I'll put ice cubes in it if I want to!’

Image: F1 Colour
Image: F1 Colour

Clipper Sleep Easy Tea

‘We‘re all so stressed now, we‘re not sleeping well. Clipper’s Fairtrade herbal teas are good at helping you switch off before bed.’

Café Direct smooth roast coffee

‘This amazing company invests up to half its profits back into the farms in Central and South America that it buys from. The smooth one is my favourite.’


‘My mum taught me that if you have ginger, onions and garlic, you can make anything taste amazing. I simmer root ginger in water at the weekend, then keep it in the fridge for instant ginger tea or iced ginger water.’

Food Thoughts fairtrade cocoa

‘For the most delicious hot chocolate and for making my crowd- pleasing chocolate truffles; I call them Happiness Balls, as they cheer everyone up!’

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