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Our food manifesto 2014

by Sarah Alcock

We're bored of New Year's resolutions. Instead we're making a manifesto of all the foodie things we're going to do this year, from sampling and the latest trends to experimenting with a new ingredient or mastering a new skill.

What's on your food manifesto for 2014?

This year we will:

  • Learn a new back-to-basics culinary skill: learn to brew; make cheese; cure meat.
  • Experiment with interesting alternatives - swap almond milk for cow's milk, almond butter for our marge, agave nectar for sugar, rice flour for regular flour, and see we can REALLY taste the difference!
  • Get


    . Chefs tell us we must, we have already experimented with small cuts but it's time to brine those bigger joints. Bring on juicier roasts.

  • Have a

    sushi party

    . Get friends round and get rolling.

  • Perfect the art of making our own coffee to save money on those takeaway drinks.
  • Use more

    savoury ingredients

    in our sweet dishes to see what works. Carrots, beetroot, courgette have all done pretty well - what else can we try?

  • Buy a juicer and use it!


    is all the rage at the moment so we're going to make our own at home. Favourite flavour so far? Pineapple, lime, ginger, spinach and avocado... trust us, it works!

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