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Half-baked food fantasies

by Sarah Alcock

Who's given up chocolate/cakes/nice things for Lent? There are a few of us repenting – and the strain is beginning to show.

Innocent bananas have been yelled at - by grumpy ladies fed up with fruit substitutes - and the most popular 4pm conversation starts with, "I really fancy a chocolate....", followed by more shouting at bananas.

As (slightly sadistic) motivation to keep us going, we've been discussing what to bake and devour the second Easter Sunday arrives. Here are our favourite edible fantasies.

1. Tear and share chocolate hot cross buns


Just look at these melt-in-the-mouth beauties teasing us all shiny and dripping in butter. And to make them even more desirable, they're also made with dark chocolate! *Throws banana on to the floor in a rage*

2. Posh Simnel cake


Oh my, my! Hello fancy chocolate orange Simnel cake with pistachio marzipan. How we are looking forward to sneakily picking off an unsuspecting mini egg, popping it into our mouths and blaming the cat if anyone asks where it's gone.

3. Triple chocolate mini egg cheesecake, from Jo Wheatley


(Recipe and photograph taken from Jo's Blue AGA blog)

We've abstained for a month, so there's no need to feel guilty when gorging on this gorgeous buttery biscuit base topped with dark chocolate ganache. No need at all.

4. Lemon loaf cake, from Pippa Kendrick


(Recipe and photograph taken from the intolerant gourmet blog)

Who'd have thought a cake that was gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, egg-free and sugar-free could be so much fun? In fact, we could PROBABLY get away with eating this during Lent...

5. Planted carrot chocolate Easter cake, from Lauren's Latest


(Recipe and photograph taken from Lauren's Latest blog)

It looks like carrots planted in soil. But hang on a moment, isn't this really a mix of Oreo cookies, mini Cadbury eggs, orange frosting and delicious, delightful chocolate cake? Yes it is. Yum.

6. Lemon and poppy seed cake, from The Pretty Blog


(Recipe and photograph taken from the pretty blog)

Cream cheese frosting on the outside and moist cake soaked in lemon and sugar syrup on the inside. We may be sophisticated, dignified ladies, but we are chomping at the bit for this baked badboy.Fuel our sugar-starved imagination by letting us know what you'll be baking this Easter...

Fuel our sugar-starved imagination by letting us know what you'll be baking this Easter.

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