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Gizzi’s salted caramel sauce

Making Gizzi Erskine's pavlova from our October issue? Here's how to make the salted caramel sauce topping: 

Put 320g caster sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a large saucepan and melt over a low heat, shaking the pan rather than stirring. Turn up the heat and bring the syrup to the boil – do not stir as this will cause crystals to appear.

The sugar syrup will slowly turn into caramel: it's ready when it has become a medium mahogany colour and the room smells of caramel.

Quickly but carefully pour in 250ml double cream then beat it back to a smooth texture, as the cold cream will make the caramel lumpy. Beat in 120g unsalted butter, the seeds from a vailla pod and 1/2 teaspoon flaked sea salt.

When smooth and combined, transfer to sterilised jars to cool. It will keep for a few weeks in the fridge.

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