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Shopping with a foodie: Ed Smith

by Leah Hyslop
Shopping with a foodie: Ed Smith
Image: Joe Woodhouse

Each month we browse the aisles with a well-known food lover. This month, it's food blogger Ed Smith, the food writer behind award-winning blog His first cookbook, On The Side: A Sourcebook Of Inspiring Side Dishes, is published by Bloomsbury, £20.


‘So fresh in side salads – try baby gem lettuce, chopped onion and mint, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.’

Soba noodles

‘One of my go-to weeknight meals is a noodle soup made with whatever meat or veg I have in the fridge. Soba noodles have a complex taste and are my favourite.’

Noilly Prat Vermouth

‘Great in cocktails, but also really handy for splashing into risotto instead of leftover wine – it doesn’t go off as quickly, and has a lovely floral, aromatic flavour.’

Smoked mackerel

‘Perfect in the summer when you don’t really want hot food. I like it mashed up with yogurt or crème fraîche to make an easy paté.’

Worcestershire sauce

‘I’m from Worcestershire, so this is always in my cupboard. I love a splash in a ragu or chilli, to give a deeper flavour, and on top of cheese and toast.’

Ed Smith

Chocolate and Love Chocolate

‘This is the best chocolate ever. It’s 80%, but has such natural sweetness, it will even convert people who don’t like dark chocolate.’

Littleover Pure organic Wildflower honey

‘My favourite toast topping is butter, Marmite and lots of honey. I think it’s the world’s greatest flavour combination.’

Spring greens

‘I often make a sort-of-carbonara, which has the classic Parmesan and egg yolks, but also spring greens and any other veg that needs using up.’

Khorasan flour

‘I like trying new ingredients. I picked this up the other day, after seeing it in lots of recipes. It’s an ancient grain with a nutty taste.’


‘Parmesan is my favourite midnight snack. Once I start cutting slices, I can’t stop; it has that addictive umami flavour.’

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