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What makes the perfect burger?

by Hannah Sherwood

Let's face it, everyone loves a burger! Nowadays burgers are getting blinged up with fancy garnishes and different flavours taking them to tasty new heights. To mark National Burger Day on Thursday 25 August, we asked the Sainsbury's magazine team to share their ultimate burger tips.

Angela, art director
'I like a beef burger with hot chilli sauce and jalapeños – as many as possible.'

Lisa, digital content editor
'It has to be a JUICY burger and really good pickles. No soggy bap! And if it comes with a beer, then that's even better.'

Sarah, digital content and social media editor
'It's all about the CHEEEESE. Applewood is best with that amazing smoky flavour. It's pretty rich though, so don't have too much! Also, avocado has no place near a burger bun. It's too slippery and will cause all kinds of difficulty when eating.'

Abbie, picture editor
'I like a flavourful, good-quality cheddar cheese, melted, and thick-cut, meaty bacon, too.'

Helena, editor
'A gherkin and Swiss cheese. Always.'

Michelle, deputy editor
'I like mine with melty blue cheese, nice and rare, with a gherkin on the side, please. Oh, and a wholemeal bun – no sweet brioche!'

Ailsa, digital and food intern
'To get a super juicy burger, brown it on both sides in a frying pan, then turn the heat up to high, chuck in a tablespoon or so of water and place a tight-fitting lid on top, immediately. Cook with the lid on for a couple of minutes. It cooks through but keeps them juicy! It's also the best way to melt cheese on top!'

Tamsin, acting food editor
'I love homemade pork and apple burgers.'

Francesca, travel editor

'I like a burger made from steak tartare with Worcester sauce and capers in the mix and blue cheese on top.'

Leah, food director
'It's all about the BRIOCHE BUN!'

Emma, assistant food editor
'The bun needs to be firm enough to hold all the filling (in other words, NOT brioche!). Cheese is essential, and something crunchy or pickley for balance. You shouldn't have to dislocate your jaw to take a bite.'

Seeing as what bun you put your burger in is so important, we conducted a poll on Twitter. Check out the results:


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