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5 new ways to serve avocados

by Sarah Alcock

We've all been swept up by the avocado craze. You can't scroll down your Instagram feed without spotting someone's avocado breakfast. Although we do love it crushed on toast with lemon juice and chilli flakes, we've come up with some new, unique ways to serve our favourite fruit...

1. Shaved avocado

Shaving an avocado with a swivel-bladed peeler creates long strips that you can then roll up to make a pretty design. We rolled ours and placed them onto oatcakes spread with cream cheese, making perfect canapés or nibbles for when you have guests. Sprinkle with sesame seeds for a final touch!

Top tip: Make sure your avocado is really firm, otherwise it will be difficult to produce long strips.

2. Avocado roses

With leftover strips from your shaved avocado, try your hand at rolling and overlapping layers to make roses! It's super easy but sure to impress friends and family. Hold the layers together by piercing with a cocktail stick.

Top tip: Alternate yellowy and green strips of avocado when layering, to create a rose-like presentation.

3. Avocado temaki

Peel, stone and dice a ripe avocado, and mix with a splash of Japanese soy sauce and as much sriracha chilli sauce as you can handle! Layer the avocado mixture onto sushi rice on a sheet of nori seaweed, wrap it all up (see how in the video below) and add a final dollop of avocado mixture if you like. For the full recipe, check out our May issue!

Top tip: When layering the avocado mixture onto the sushi rice, be careful not to add too much, otherwise you'll have trouble wrapping up the sheet of nori into a cone.

4. Sundae brunch

Scoop balls of avocado using an ice-cream scoop, put into a sundae glass, then add whatever you like – we chose a poached egg, crispy twirled bacon, a cherry tomato and a triangle of toasted wrap for the 'wafer'.

Top tip: Make sure the avocado is very ripe so it's easy to scoop into balls.

And finally...

5. Avocado icing

Still got some ripe avocados left over? Try our vegan fudgy chocolate cake, where avocados replace butter to make a delicious, smooth (and healthier) chocolate icing!

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