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Vine is a cool video app which allows you to make short, looped videos on your mobile phone and post them to Twitter. We made a special series of Vine videos to share our quick and easy recipes, tips and decoration ideas for Christmas.

Each video plays on repeat, and takes just six seconds to fill you with festive inspiration. Share your Vine videos with us by tweeting them to @Tried_Tasted and using the hashtag #6secondChristmas – what can you cook in six seconds?

Whip cream by hand

Don't have a whisk? Don't worry – we show you how to whip cream using just a jam jar in six seconds!

The alternative pepper grinder

Grind up candy canes to sprinkle on ice cream, cakes, puddings – anything!

Easy Christmas cake decoration

See how to decorate your Christmas cake in just six seconds with simple, silver star cut-outs.


Give Champagne glasses that party finish with a little granulated sugar and some lime juice.

Stay cool

Freeze grapes to drop into your glass – they keep drinks cool and taste delicious, too!

Canapés in six seconds

A little melted Taleggio cheese, toasted bread and fresh figs make a deliciously easy party nibble. Get the recipe. See our recipe for Taleggio Fig Party Bites here!

Homemade crisps

Chickpeas make delicious nibbles for your next drinks party. Just toss them in a little oil with cumin and fennel seeds, then bake in a hot oven until golden and crisp.

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