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Quick Valentine's recipe ideas

Watch our 6 second videos for some quick and easy Valentine's Day ideas. We'll show you how to make two special Valentine's breakfasts - all you need are eggs, bread and bacon. Plus, a clever trick for making heart-shaped cupcakes using kitchen foil.

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Valentine's eggy toast

Get the day off to a romantic start by making heart shaped toast. Use a cutter to make a heart shape in the centre of your bread. Lightly fry the bread in a little oil before cracking an egg in the middle.

Breakfast in bread

Lightly butter a muffin tray and press squares of bread into the holes. Top each with bacon and bake for 5 mins in a medium oven. Crack an egg into each and bake for 20 mins until just set.

Heart shaped chocolate cupcakes

Follow your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe. Place a 5p-sized ball of kitchen foil above the top of each cake case. Fill the cases with cake batter and bake. Leave to cool. Use a sharp knife to cut a heart-shape out of pink fondant and place one on top of each cake.

Chocolate Valentine fondue

Microwave a jar of chocolate spread until melted, stirring in ten second bursts (we used popping candy chocolate spread for even more fun), be really careful to remove ALL THE METAL from the lid. Once it's melted dip in strawberries, bread sticks or whatever takes your fancy.

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