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Flippin' good Pancake Day ideas

Here are our favourite pancake ideas for the most fun-filled Pancake Day ever. Get ready to experiment with cookie cutters and squeezy bottles, we're about to throw some shapes.

Take one shot of pancake batter

Avoid thick and chewy pancakes by measuring the perfect amount of batter in an espresso cup. Just be careful no-one in the kitchen mistakes it for coffee...

Pancake man

Who says pancakes have to be round? Place a cutter of your choice on a hot, lightly buttered frying pan and pour in your batter. Remove the cutter after a couple of minutes and flip to cook the other side. We suggest sprinkling this little fella with cinnamon and icing sugar.

How to flip a pancake

It's all in the wrist. Gently slide your pancake towards the edge of your pan, then swiftly flick your wrist upwards. We've all had a go just to prove how easy it is. After a few practice takes, of course.

Pancake stacks

For a delicate dessert, or a smaller bite-sized pancake snack, fill a clean squeezey bottle with some batter, and squeeze small circles onto a hot, lightly buttered frying pan. Stack up with sweet or savoury fillings.

Take a look at our chocolate popcorn pancake stack or our other pancake recipes for topping inspiration.

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