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How to lattice your pastry

These little crab tarts are featured in our May issue. They're super delicious, but we thought you might like to see how to create the pastry lattice on top.

1. Beat an egg and brush over the edges of the pastry cases.

2. Brush the underside of the end of each pastry strip with a little beaten egg, then place on top of the pie, lightly pressing one end to the edge of the pastry case to seal. Continue adding strips (about 3 more), in the same direction then, working in the opposite direction, add the remaining 4 strips, interweaving them to create a criss-cross pattern.

3. Press the ends of each strip to the edge of the pastry case, using a little extra egg. Pinch off any excess pastry.

4. Brush the top with beaten egg, then to the oven!

How about trying our crab, tomato and Parmesan lattice pies, or maybe our delicious Lattice-topped fish pie for yourself?

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