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Rose, pistachio and white chocolate loaf

Serves: 10
timePrep time: 20 mins
timeTotal time:
Rose, pistachio and white chocolate loaf
Recipe photograph by Nassima Rothacker

Rose, pistachio and white chocolate loaf

The magazine team's new favourite cake. If you love Turkish delight, this will be right up your street

Serves: 10
timePrep time: 20 mins
timeTotal time:

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Nutritional information (per serving)


  • 50g cook’s white chocolate, chopped
  • 100g pistachios
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 150g soft unsalted butter
  • 3 medium eggs
  • ½ tsp concentrated rose water (eg Nielsen-Massey)
  • 150g self-raising flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp milk, or as needed
To decorate
  • 50g cook’s white chocolate, chopped
  • 50g soft unsalted butter
  • 100g icing sugar, sifted
  • 1⁄4 tsp concentrated rose water
  • crystallised rose petal pieces* (optional)
  • 3 pieces Turkish delight. diced (optional) - Check your Turkish delight is vegetarian, if required

Step by step

Get ahead
Keeps for up to 5 days in an airtight container, or can be frozen
  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C, fan 150°C, gas 3. Line a 900g loaf tin with baking paper. Melt and cool the white chocolate. Keep back 1 tablespoon of the pistachios, then whiz the rest to a powder with 2 tablespoons of the sugar until finely ground but not oily.
  2. Put the rest of the sugar in a mixing bowl with the butter, eggs, rose water, flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Beat until pale and creamy. Add the ground pistachios and melted white chocolate, and mix briefly to combine, adding enough milk to get a dropping consistency. Spoon into the loaf tin, level the top, then bake for about 60 minutes or until risen and firm, and a skewer comes out clean from the centre. Leave in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool fully.
  3. For the icing, melt the white chocolate and leave to cool to room temperature. Cream the butter with a pinch of salt; gradually beat in the icing sugar. When it’s combined, add the melted white chocolate and rose water and mix through. Add a little boiled water to give a spreading consistency.
  4. Roughly spread the icing over the top of the cooled loaf. Chop the reserved pistachios and sprinkle the crystallised rose petals on top, adding the diced Turkish delight, if using.

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