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By using this website, we aim to provide the option to provide consent for us to use cookies and trackers. If you are unhappy with the way we use cookies then in the first instance please contact us at

What Cookies we use

We want to be fair and transparent in all that we do. The following cookies are in use on our website. We currently do not have the ability to provide opt outs for these, so we recommend that you manage your cookies within your chosen browser.

Type Name Operator Retention
Statistical 1P_JAR Google 1 month
Statistical ANID ~11 months
Statistical APISID 2 years
Statistical CONSENT ~19 years
Statistical HSID 2 years
Statistical NID 6 months
Statistical S Until the browsing session ends
Statistical SAPISID 2 years
Statistical SID 2 years
Statistical SIDCC 3 months
Statistical SSID 2 years
Statistical __Secure-3PAPISID 2 years
Statistical __Secure-3PSID 2 years
Statistical __Secure-APISID ~7 months
Statistical __Secure-HSID ~7 months
Statistical __Secure-SSID ~7 months
Statistical OTZ 1 month
Statistical __gads 2 years
Statistical __qca 1 year 1 month
Statistical __cfduid Pinterest 1 year
Statistical _auth 1 year
Statistical _b 10 years
Statistical _ga 2 years
Statistical _pinterest_cm 1 year
Statistical _pinterest_sess 1 year
Statistical ajs_anonymous_id 1 year
Statistical ajs_group_id 1 year
Statistical ajs_user_id 1 year
Statistical fbm_274266067164 1 year 4 months
Statistical _pinterest_ct_rt 1 year
Necessary _fbp Vimeo 3 months
Necessary _ga 2 years
Necessary _gcl_au 3 months
Necessary continuous_play_v3 1 year
Necessary player 1 year
Necessary vuid 2 years 3 months
Necessary HASH_PHPSESSID Sainsbury's Magazine Until the browsing session ends
Unclassified HASH_device_view 2 months
Unclassified HASH_recentlyViewedRecipes 1 year
Unclassified PHPSESSID Session
Unclassified cc_a_h 10 years
Unclassified cc_a_s Session
Unclassified device_view 2 months
Unclassified recentlyViewedRecipes 1 year
Unclassified .AspNetCore.Antiforgery.w5W7x28NAIs Session
Unclassified ARRAffinity Session
Unclassified CountryID 1 month
Unclassified DATALAYERCOOKIE Session
Unclassified LastProductPageVisited 1 month
Unclassified LastPromotionVisited 1 month
Unclassified ShowCookieBanner 1 month
Unclassified TimezoneOffsetMinutes Session
Unclassified UserBasketID 1 month
Unclassified _ga 2 years
Unclassified _gat_UA-106846436-1 1 month
Unclassified _gid 1 month
Unclassified ai_session 1 month
Unclassified ai_user 1 month
Marketing adrl Outbrain 1 year
Marketing apnxs 1 month
Marketing criteo 5 months
Marketing obuid 1 year 2 months
Marketing rtbhs 2 months
Unclassified muc Twitter 2 years
Unclassified _ga 2 years
Unclassified _twitter_sess Session
Unclassified eu_cn 1 year
Unclassified guest_id 2 years
Unclassified personalization_id 2 years
Unclassified tfw_exp ~7 weeks
Marketing id YieldLab 2 years
Marketing DSID DoubleClick 11 days
Marketing IDE 2 months
Marketing __gfp_64b ~32 months
Marketing _fbp 3 months
Marketing permutive-id 3 years
Marketing permutive-session 3 years
Marketing c_user Facebook 1 year 1 month
Marketing datr 2 years
Marketing fr 3 months
Marketing m_pixel_ratio Session
Marketing presence Session
Marketing sb 2 years
Marketing spin 1 day
Marketing wd 1 week
Marketing x-referer Session
Marketing xs 1 year 1 month


What are these cookies?

Necessary Cookies - This cookie helps basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Preference Cookies - These remember your preferences so that we can ensure your user experience is enjoyable.

Statistical Cookies - These are anonymous cookies that help us understand how you interact with the website.

Marketing Cookies – These are used to track across various websites. This helps us display ads that are relevant and engaging for you and helps withour marketing endeavours.

Unclassified – These are trackers and other cookie types that we have yet to classify.