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Shopping with a foodie: Ravinder Bhogal, chef patron of Jikoni

by Tom Shepherd
Shopping with a foodie: Ravinder Bhogal, chef patron of Jikoni
Ravinder Bhogal, owner of Jikoni

We hit the supermarket aisles with Ravinder Bhogal, food writer, journalist and chef patron of London restaurant Jikoni.

Mutti finely chopped tomatoes

A cupboard essential. I love making tomato sauce for pasta and especially love Marcella Hazan’s recipe that calls for butter for a velvety, luxurious sauce.

Clarence Court Old Cotswold legbar eggs 

Eggs are culinary shapeshifters and give you everything from meringues to mayonnaise. I always start my day with an egg – poached or scrambled. I am a sucker for these with their bright orange (and very tasty) yolks.

Pip & Nut smooth almond butter

This goes in salad dressings, smoothies, on sticks of celery, on toast and sometimes just on a spoon! I could write an ode about how much I love it.

Vadas raw kimchii

I am a big fan of pickles and fermented food and have this in my BKC – that’s a bacon, kimchi and pickled cucumber sandwich.

Willy's apple cider vinegar

Aside from being known as a miracle tonic for a variety of ailments, this one makes a wonderful fragrant tipple when mixed with fizzy water. I drink it diluted into a cup of hot water first thing in the morning.

Elephant Atta Chakki gold chapatti flour

As a Panjabi, it’s my family tradition to have parathas for breakfast on a Sunday morning, so I always have a stock of chapatti flour in my pantry.

Yeo Valley salted butter

I use this for baking, and makingbrown butter to liven up a piece of fish or vegetables. I always have a minimum of two blocks in my fridge.

Ravinder’s cookbook Jikoni: Proudly Inauthentic Recipes from an Immigrant Kitchen (Bloomsbury, £26) is out now.

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