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Shopping with a foodie: Ravneet Gill

by Tom Shepherd
Shopping with a foodie: Ravneet Gill
Ravneet Gill, Junior Bake Off judge and author of The Pastry Chef's Guide

We hit the aisles with Ravneet Gill, Junior Bake Off judge and author of The Pastry Chef's Guide

Flaked almonds

When I bake, I often end up with loads of egg whites. So I’ll make little financiers and throw lots of flaked almonds on top. They come out looking great.


During lockdown I was buying all the Philadelphia from the shops because I started making loads of cheesecakes. I'm writing a second book and have a chapter on them!

Green chillies

My mum raised us on them. She puts them in everything, even a roast dinner. Most of our food growing up would just blow your head off because it was full of green chilli. But now I’m slightly addicted.

Kesar mango pulp

In Indian cooking, we use this for everything – like making mango lassi and ice cream. When mangoes are not in season, it’s fantastic.

Billington's dark muscovado sugar

Dark brown sugar always adds a deepness to your bake. I use it in my cookies and most of my chocolate cakes. Billington’s in particular doesn’t clump together in your cupboard; it stays quite soft.


Some people think coriander tastes like soap, which I think is genetic. I can eat mouthfuls of it on everything. I make a Vietnamese prawn salad and put loads in there – with cucumber, mirin, tahini, loads of peanuts and chilli, and lime juice. That is an amazing lunch.

Nielsen-Masey almond extract

This reminds me of Mr Kipling Bakewell tarts, and I grew up on those. I’ll add a drop to frangipane or almond pastry because it makes the flavour a bit stronger.

Ravneet is the founder of Countertalk, a platform that connects and supports chefs.

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