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Shopping with a foodie: Jeff Galvin

by Leah Hyslop

Each month we browse the aisles with a well-known food lover. This month it’s chef and restaurateur Jeff Galvin



‘Tarragon is delicious – especially with fish or in a Béarnaise sauce. The other day I taught my kids how to make Béarnaise, because they love it in restaurants and kept asking how to do it! They’re avid little cooks.’


‘Mussels are a favourite. Cook them with shallots or onion, parsley, white wine – perfect!’

British berries

‘Right now I’m loving British berries, like strawberries. Eton mess is one of my wife’s favourite things to make. She’s got us all trained up making meringues at home!’


‘I’m a fan of nutmeg. Not just on sweet dishes, in French classic cooking, we put a little grating of it on spinach – it’s delicious.’


‘I have a Nespresso machine, but I’m a bit old school and when I can’t be bothered, I’ll reach for Nescafé instant! I grew up with it, and secretly quite like it. I also buy camomile tea – it helps me sleep if I’m away from home.’


English muffins

‘A good on-the-go breakfast – with two children, you need a few snacks up your sleeve. They always seem to be hungry.’


‘For years people said they didn’t like Chardonnay but that was because in the late 1980s they were all full of oak. It’s a great grape, it just depends what the producer does with it.’

Tinned chickpeas

‘Tinned chickpeas are very good quality and much easier than dried. People are too quick to criticise tinned food – salmon in a tin was a treat when I was young!’

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

‘In the restaurants we make our own ice creams, but I’m always tempted by desserts in the supermarket.’

Fresh pasta

‘I’m not ashamed to say I buy this! It’s so quick to cook and much tastier than the dried stuff.’

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