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Full of flavour

Plant-based eating has never been so simple! For a delicious dinner for one, try these from-frozen meals

Deliciously Ella

Love creamy Indian-style dahls? This gluten-free vegan dahl for one is packed full of aromatic flavours and made in small batches by simmering cauliflower, lentils, apricots, spinach and carrots in creamy coconut milk with curry powder, smoked paprika and mustard seeds. For the perfect meal for one, cook it straight from frozen, then serve with your favourite sides.

Birds Eye green cuisine

Who doesn’t look forward to tucking into juicy, delicious burger piled high with fillings? These meat-free burgers can be cooked straight from frozen and are made from a specially selected variety of pea, blended with herbs and spices which provide a great source of iron. They’re so meaty you’ll be surprised they’re not! Try them on a toasted sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a generous spoonful of vegan mayo.