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Fresh-air feasts

Parma Ham & monkfish kebabs

Air dried and matured for a minimum of 16 months for a sweet flavour and delicate texture, this Parma Ham is accredited with a Protected Designation of Origin from the Parma Ham Consortium. Wrap thin slices around diced monkfish or chicken breast, then thread onto skewers and grill. Parma ham slices by Sainsbury’s, 80g, £2.50


Steak sandwich with Truffle & Artichoke Pesto

Liven up your next picnic with something other than pesto pasta. Try spooning some Belazu Truffle & Artichoke Pesto (a blend of Italian summer truffles, artichokes and Parmigiano Reggiano) onto a griddled steak, mushroom and red onion baguette. Or, use one of the other Belazu pestos to inspire a whole host of delicious recipes. Belazu Truffle & Artichoke Pesto, 165g, RRP£3.20