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Avocado Toast Topped With Florida Grapefruit

Taking part in Veganuary? Looking for some new ideas for breakfast? Either way, adding Florida grapefruit to your shopping list is a must. They’re a good source of Vitamins C  and A, are exceptionally juicy with a sweet rather than bitter flavour, and are at their best during the winter months. Pair them with avocado in this brilliant simple recipe.

A fresh and healthy twist to a classic, perfect for breakfast or a snack

Serves 1-2

Hands-on time 10 mins

Total time 10 mins

1 Florida Grapefruit

Pistachios, a small handful

1 avocado

2 slices whole wheat bread

1 tsp olive oil

1. Segment the Florida Grapefruit

2. Toast the bread.  Meanwhile, mash the avocado

3. To assemble, smear the mashed avocado onto your toasted piece of bread, top with a few slices of Florida Grapefruit, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle pistachios and add a sprinkling of sea salt