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A fresh start

January is the month to try new things and eat more healthily. And the place to start is right here! Shake up your shopping with this good-for-you duo

Fresh meals toddlers love

Encouraging little ones to eat fresh, healthy food from a young age helps build healthy-eating habits that last a lifetime. But finding the time to cook every meal from scratch can be hard. That’s where Little Dish fresh toddler meals and finger foods can help. Found in the chilled aisles, they are nutritionally balanced, packed with veggies, and have no additives or preservatives.

Clipper green tea

Whether you’re already a fan of green tea or are looking to try a lighter, more delicate brew, Clipper Fairtrade & Organic Green Tea is a good place to start. Each tea bag produces a light and delicate pure green tea with a bright golden colour – for best results, leave your kettle to cool for five minutes or add a splash of cold water to your cup before you infuse the tea.